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Best Wooden Shipping Crates for Home and Industrial Use

When it comes to ordering custom made wooden crates for packaging and shipping, there’s one company in Arizona that really stands out from the crowd.

Caseworks, based in Tucson, specializes in standard crate manufacturing services for industrial and home use. This company offers highly sturdy wood packaging crates for all of their customers’ shipping concerns. No matter how bulky or fragile an item may be, you can be confident that your product will be delivered on time.

Caseworks serves Arizona and many neighboring states with a wide array of wood packaging options. You can opt for a custom wooden crate with a number of accessories including specialized handles, hinged doors, access doors, A-Frames, cleats, D-Rings, E-Tracks, casters, link-locks, fasteners, ramps, shelves, stenciling, foam lining, gussets, and Skid-Mates cushioned feet.

Caseworks really values its customers. The company knows how to satisfy their clients with their impressive line of custom wooden shipping crates. These well-built wooden packaging crates are very effective with their storage and transfer capability of fragile large machinery items. It’s pretty unbelievable that this company is able to provide all packing solutions for any purpose. eBay buyers are typically the ones who get the most value out of this company.

If you’re about to move into a new house, cardboard packaging won’t hold everything safely together, especially when you’re relocating gigantic, bulky appliances and furniture. Quality wooden crates supplied by Caseworks make the best substitute containers for all your prized possessions including cars, motorbikes, refrigerators, washing machines, airconditioning units, sofa sets, flat-screen TV’s, chinaware cabinets, desktop computers, bed bunks, framed artworks, musical instruments, and other personal equipment.

Wooden crates have other uses besides packaging and safety purposes. They are quite often used at trade shows, stage and movie productions, for country-themed restaurants, and they also serve as a makeshift animal pen.

The famous Coca Cola bottling company started out in its early days with wooden shipping crates delivering their beverages to convenience stores all over the world. But after peaking in worldwide popularity, the all-time favorite soda manufacturer eventually switched to plastic crates which have since proven to be a lot cost-effective and also able to withstand frequent handling and abuse.

Simply put, top-notch wooden shipping crates come highly recommended in almost all instances. While they can be quite bulky and pricey, they are still easily your best option for packaging your valuables in every situation where safety and durability is required.