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Best Places to Buy Vintage Wooden Crates

Finally, your search for vintage wooden crates is over! No need to worry if you can’t find them at a store near you. The good news is these conventional containers can now be ordered online.

Etsy and eBay have amassed very large stocks of these classic and rustic looking ornaments and also shipping boxes made from wood panels. You can now add to your home’s theme of antiquity with these timeless age-old wooden crates now nearing extinction.

So Who to Choose? Etsy or eBay?

Etsy sellers, in particular, are not selective when it comes to shipping an item for international buyers. eBay however has always been attracting people who want to make multiple bids and thus scoop out the great sales from the most in-demand vintage products.

Most sellers on eBay allow for product returns and exchanges in case the item did not meet their expectations set forth on the original item description, whereas Etsy offers no money back guarantees for legitimate buyers.

If you don’t mind shelling out a bit more than what you’re accustomed to doing, then your collector’s item is just a click away!

For the Love of Alcohol and Soda

If you’re after the vintage Coca Cola wood crate, a 1979 rustic edition is available for $35 on Etsy under the username “oldchurchstore.” A 1960’s yellow and red edition is selling for $24.99 at “WestwardGifts.” So many others have also displayed Coca Cola vintage wooden crates but for a higher price. Unfortunately, vintage bottles are now being sold separately.

Beer companies have also made their vintage wooden crates available through Etsy despite only a scanty amount of vintage item sellers. A 1970’s vintage wooden crate of Moosehead Beer is now up for grabs for $125, and there’s also the Koch Brewery Dunkirk N.Y. Wood Beer Crate that has been time-worn since the 1940’s. The wooden crates of Berghoff Beer and National Beer meanwhile are equally timeless.

More Time-Worn Storage for Food

Various antique wooden crates are selling like hotcakes at a fraction of the cost on eBay according to several top-rated sellers– and they are much cheaper than your typical Etsy finds.

Vintage wooden crates from extinct fruit and produce companies are widely available now for as low as $10. The majority of the food crates were used originally as containers for apples, pears and oranges.

There’s also a rare gem of an authentic advertising crate from the 1960’s Okeh Caterers USA. This one makes an excellent farm and ranch collector’s classic item along with the primitive wooden egg crate that you can display in your local museum. This is where kids and agricultural students can learn about the crude history of the factory farming industry in the USA.

There are a lot of timeless and beautiful vintage products that are also currently in auction. Chances are there’s not a lot of time left for you to delay making your bids. In fact, you may have already just missed out on something spectacular at a bargain price, as someone else unfortunately may have already snagged your treasure item.

Real vintage wooden crates that have been antiquated for decades are pretty hard to find these days as is the case with most other holy grail items. However, if you carefully browse the internet, you might just find it there.

And then you might want to purchase your favorite Christmas present a bit earlier than usual this year.

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