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Top Five Companies and Online Stores to Buy a Wooden Crate

Driving around to the local retail outlets is becoming too much of a hassle these days for most busy people. And if you are not fromthe United States and you want to purchase specific items, such as wooden crates in bulk, it’s even more difficult to find these items in the local stores.

The better alternative nowadays is to buy online. Here are some of the best sources on the Internet for you to stock up on wooden crates for both your business and personal satisfaction.

1. QuickCrate.com

Quick-Crate specializes in high-quality, collapsible and reusable wooden crates. All crate products are guaranteed to save you a great amount of space, and assembly time for the casual user, as well as saving money on the return shipping.

Standard stock crates are on sale ready for delivery within 24 hours. You can also have customizable crates made of wood panels which meet your preferred specifications including the size, shape plus any additional features.

Quick-Crate services the aerospace, automotive and military industries as well as many warehouses and private parties for special events.

2. AbbotBox.com

The Abbot Box Corporation is one of the top leaders in the shipping and packaging industry. The company manufactures durable shipping boxes and customized crates at a reasonable price.

Wooden crates are available in a variety of customer-requested specifications. You can set up your made-to-order crates for either residential or business purposes.

You can also opt for Abbot to do all the packing for you. Assembled or non-assembled, and also reusable or non-reusable crates can be covered with add-on features such as gussets, hasps, runners, handles, hinges, casters, skid mates, and custom foam lining.

3. Indcrt.com

Industrial Craters and Packers is a well-known company based in Portland, Oregon that produces top-of-the-line durable custom crates for industrial services. The company has vast experience in manufacturing moisture-proof and shock-resistant crates for the high-tech sector.

Their website also functions as a one-stop shop for all your crating and shipping needs which bulk buyers can easily take full advantage of. However, anyone can opt for the special custom crating services with their personal request of specifications.

While corporate companies have been the long-time customers for these custom crate services, the sister company Security Packaging LLC handles the shipping of hazardous items as well as the most fragile materials plus also special logistics used for government and military purposes.

4. BrentPackaging.com

Brent Packaging Logistics & Logistics Ltd. is a Canadian company that is on par with other highly-recognized wooden crate manufacturers in the world. The company provides ISPM 15 wooden crates and other specialized containers which does not limit the client from choosing which goods are capable of transportation, regardless of whether or not radioactive materials and other dangerous products are involved.

5. fcapackaging.com

Original equipment manufacturers are the frequent clients of FCA because they are satisfied with the variety of custom crates, boxes and services the company offers. The company manufactures crates made of engineered wood, thus making it one of the most environment-friendly crate producers in America.

It’s also one of the most cost-effective packaging services throughout the country as it uses a patent hybrid technology utilized in manufacturing their products which helps lessen negative environmental impact brought about by the ensuing disposal on the consumer end.

Wooden crates are highly indispensable items these days because they provide a flexible container not just for your regular items at home, but also for shipping and delivery of the most valuable products for businesses.

Since all sectors in society will benefit from the wide array of uses that only a wooden crate can provide, it is imperative that all consumers carefully select their wooden crate manufacturer from the best available online stores.